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I had an absolute nightmare yesterday. I had decided to apply for the graduate application scheme at edelman. They seem really supportive and the scheme looks really good. The cut-off point was the 28th Feburary, so I decided to email it over on the 27th.

The form was one of those standard, reveal everything about yourself and why you are you in 100 words max, kinda forms. But I thought I had put some good answers and was feeling fairly chuffed with myself and just wanted to get it off.

There was a bit you have to sign at the bottom, so the plan was to sign it and then rescan the entire 5 page document to send over to Edelman. Easy. Or so I thought…

Having scanned each of the pages and saved them as bitmap files the only thing standing between me and having some tea was to email it. Here I hit a problem.

Yahoo cannot send files that are over 10MB. shit.

So then I decide that compressing the file will help – as I am fairly computer savvy – I am once again quite chuffed at my brilliance imagining the people at Edelman seeing this as resourceful, etc and full of other qualities they look for in a graduate. Not to be. The compressed file is over 10MB.

At this point feeling really dis-heartened. I decide to send each page off separately just to get it out. All of my former smugness crushed and my longing for tea forgotten. Right now I need a cigarette, thus destroying my so-far sterling efforts to quit – this does not improve my mood.

The emails (all five) get sent off. Feel like a complete amateur.

Checked my emails this morning. There are four mail delivery failure messages. They only got the first page with my name.

A severely unhappy bunny I posted it this morning. I’ve probably missed the deadline and therefore will not be considered.

Oh well plenty more opportunities out there, as long as my email never lets me down again…

And if you are from Edelman. I tried!


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New Links!

Hey I thought it might be fun if I also provided links to all the companies that I have worked for. I am also trying to upload some of my work. I understand that this could be quite dull – a sort of online portfolio – but I promise that I will try not to add to much dull stuff. Genius Creative PR are just sorting out their website but one that is up there I shall whack on a link!

If anyone else wants a link to their website/blog let me know!

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PR Gifts

First an apology for not writing for a while – things all got a bit hectic over the weekend and somehow I was left stranded away from my computer!

Anyway I am back now. I see that the subject of press gifts are in the news again. The question here is is it ethical to attempt to sway press persons with gifts and press packs? A lot of people may think that this is testimony to bribery, however (as ever) I think that there is slightly more to it than that. There is a certain unwritten rule that gifts are fine as long as they can be vaguely relatively to what/who the PR person is representing but sometimes they stretch these boundaries too far.

For example My father (who is editor of a mechanical engineering mag) went to Las Vegas for a conference the other week. All the journeys were put up in Caesers Hotel and there was quite obviously a lot of funding behind this conference. In a stroke of brilliance (or a very silly move) everyone attending was given a brand new iPod Nano – the tiny tiny ones – with all the information for the conference on them. Once the five days were over they were allowed to keep the Nano.

Now whether this was an excellent idea or not remains to be seen. Apparently those who did not loose them either already owned one or were unsure of what it was really for.

As for what Dad did with his? He informed me that he would not be bought with snazzy technology and that he had never taken it out of its box. He did keep it. To sell on eBay.

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Am rather worried about the addictive qualities of blogging! It has now become another welcome break from the dissertation writing business, and I can make it last for ages whilst convincing myself that what I am doing is very relevant and bordering on the virtious. Rather than the displacement activity that secretly I can admit it is.

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PR Week is upsetting me this week – well actually it has for a while. The same goes – to an extent – with the CIPR website.

I do understand the need to ask for paid subscriptions to the website, it stops (shock horror) non-PR people from having acssess to it, and possibly becoming over stimulated. This I understand.

What I do not understand is the need to block out students who are not subscribers, especially in the case of the CIPR, students on their approved university courses. This seems very silly. After all we may find the news in PR week useful in, oh say, our dissertations for one.

Yes our libraries do have the back catalogues and subscriptions to them both, but this is not extended to the students. Of course this also means that half an hours internet browse could in reality take a day or so.

Would it not therefore be sensible to create an Athens portal on the website, just as they do on Mintel and Lexis Nexis. This would keep out those without a password and allow the universities access for their students.

After all it is difficult enough with the tiny tiny loans, that do of course have a growing interest, then having to add extra cost just because major factors in the industry do not want to help out the next generation of Public Relations. Crazy.

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Is it too soon?

Is it too soon to consider job seeking? I only wonder because I don’t want it to get to June and to have not got a job, and face many more month living with my parents before I can afford to move out.

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The Butler did it!

I’ve just read that ‘Jeeves’ has been dropped by the search engine ask jeeves. This is due to a re-branding and re-positioning of the search engine in which ‘ask jeeves’ will become ‘ask.com’.

I seems a shame that the only thing that distinguished them from hundreds of other search engines is now being dropped, obviously made a scapegoat for the low usage of the site. Aganst the giant of Google they will never match, and loosing any brand personality along the way will merely speed up their slide into oblivion.

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