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Seriously very very funny. Perfect for the Monday Blues!

Now after me: Hamster! Dentist!…


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Chris Lewis (he of Lewis PR) has decided to quit blogging, citing his reasons as

I’m way too dull to have my own blog

But all is not lost as Chris promises to continue contributing to the official Lewis blog (Lewis 360). However his words interest me – is he implying that all bloggers are fascinating? I’m sure this can’t be right (but I suppose that is rather flattering).

Springboarding from this train of thought I began to think how on earth Chris can imagine that he is ‘too dull’ to blog. Let’s have a look at his history. He has achieved so much with his Public Relations career, and I do find it a shame that he thinks that we would not be interested in learning from his experiences.

But you cannot force someone to blog (no matter how much you want them to). I must remember it is not the end of Chris blogging, merely a move. I hope that he realises that we are interested in what he says, and I look forward to hearing from him at Lewis 360.

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Some new social media

Following on from my previous post on social media I have a couple of new ones I have been playing with:

If you scroll down you will see that I am playing with Flickr. I am quite sheepish that it has taken me a while to come around to Flickr. I have Bebo and Ringo accounts but Flickr seems better. I can also post on my blog from my account at Flickr which is very clever! I really like the idea that members of my family around the world can also see my pictures too, as well as having a portfolio group of pictures for potential employers.

Another social media is LinkedIn. I was actually signed up to this back in May, but had completely forgotten (it was a hectic time). This is rather like the ‘old boys network’ online. I currently have 10 ‘connections’ (a bit like MySpace ‘friends’), and through these ten connections I am connected, by various degrees, to virtually everyone else on LinkedIn. The programme will tell you who connects you to your ideal network person, so you know who you can ask for introductions. For example I am connected to Paull Young and he is connected to Constantin Basturea. If I wanted to talk to Constantin I could ask Paull to introduce us.

Whether LinkedIn will be used as anything other than a popularity test remains to be seen but it is quite fun, so sign me up! Who knows it may help with the job hunting too?

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‘The Hoff’ has just been signed up with pipex as the face of their new campaign. You have to love their tongue in cheek website in homage to all things Hoff.

I am loving all the retro endorsements like the Happy days theme of Citroen C3 and the 118 188 guys in their eighties sportsman glory!

Anyway it is definitely keeping me amused!

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I am a Graduate!

Outside the Uni
Originally uploaded by alexpullin.

Yes I have photographic proof that I have graduated!

(This is really a test of Flickr)

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Bloggers Beware!!

Yesterday the BBC had this article on their website. The tag-line was:

As a growing number of people claim to have been sacked over their blogs grows,
what safeguards can bloggers take?

Now I don’t know if this is scaremongering, whether it is the backlash against blogging as predicted by some at the CIPR Northern Conference or whether some people just don’t realise (a trap that I fell in) just who reads their blogs.

It is worth thinking about. Blogging is merely conversation that others can see and contribute to. Sensible, conscientious Bloggers therefore have nothing to fear if they do not forget this.

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Now I have never seen myself as particularly ‘techy’. Sure I can operate an iPod and a DVD player. I have my own blog and occasionally (although not always successfully) dabble in HTML.
You see having a blog instantly signs you up to an exclusive club where we all think we are fairly ‘cutting edge’, or at least we wish to receive recognition for embracing the new possibilities for communications, that the Internet and new technology sends us, or bloggers just want to have a bigger platform for conversation and reflection of these relations we call public. but I propose that really it is about exploration. Our need to discover.

You see, to seek out new things is something that we all do and it is this appetite for the new and shiny that lead us to blogging long before the vast majority. We like to try new things out; metaphorically stand in front of the mirror with them and see if they fit.

But how does this link with my ‘techy’ness? Well I was tagged with this latest meme first by Stephen, and then by Simon. Like many things I read from both of these guys it had me pondering, this time (as I was meant to) on what I use social-media-wise.

Initially I couldn’t think of anything. Nope, nothing at all. Does Yahoo fit? Could I use (as Simon did) Google? Would I be shunned by other bloggers for my lack of knowledge?

But then I calmed down and began to think logically, and discovered that actually I do have experience with much of this new ‘social media’. In the same way that my appetite for discovery had led me to blogging in the first place, I have also flirted with many different online tools. In my blogging enthusiasm, every time I read about some new tool I like to sign up and try it out. (As long as it is free of course.)

The key thing is that I do not use any of them particularly regularly – but I am signed up to possibly the majority of them. So here are five of the social media that I am signed onto and I reckon I use possibly more than the others…

Technorati – I mentioned this before. You can see who is linking to you and search the blogosphere for various tags. As far as seeing who is linking to you it is always nice for a little ego boost on days when you feel all alone on the information superhighway. Or you can check out how many link to other sites, if you want. I actually don’t use this all the time but I like to check in once or twice a week.

YouTube – I love this! It is an excellent way of wasting so much time. You can watch the latest trailers and music videos. Strangly addictive, I probably find myself on YouTube every couple of days.

The ‘new PR’ wiki (Crispy News) – This has been a recent discovery for me. On one hand I can just go there and read what blog posts have been voted as the most interesting, informative or just plain amusing PR posts on the web. I have uploaded two articles (the first one was my own as way of an way of seeing exactly how ‘New PR’ worked.

Blogger – although I have occasional issues with Blogger, I cannot fault all the good work that its doing; helping so many people set up their own blogs in a (very) cheap and simple way. And I reckon I use it at least twice a day, just checking things and messing about.

Now what for the last one?…

So many choices. Should I go with Frappr? or perhaps MySpace (although I have slagged it off I still guiltily return to check out various sites)? Maybe Del.icio.us? Actually no, not Del.icio.us. I’m still getting to grips with it and so I can’t really lie and say I use it all the time.

So I am going to go with:

Podcasts – just great. I have recently been so inspired by other PR podcasts that I have even began experimenting with the medium myself. As we say in South London – Nuff said.

So on to the tagging:

I would be interested in hearing what Owen, Ed, Richard, Chloe and Sam have discovered.

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