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Like all good launches (albeit the launch of a little known blog on a moderately popular platform on an awkward subject) there are a lot of things going on in the sidelines that people don’t appreciate / know about. I thought I would share them.

Well this launch has been rather tough. Mainly as very little has been done towards it, therefore making it difficult to complete. But there have been other trials to endure such as being struck down by some sort of SARS (although was actually another kind of incureable infection called the common cold).

One of the main hurdles and reasons for apathy and procrastination ont he blog front was the now serious lack of identity suffered by not only my blog, but also to a certain extent myself. Originally this was a blog where I hoped to demystify getting into the PR industry (although I do understand that graduating from a PR degree was a big help). Once in – where was my purpose? What was my cause?

Another thing I realised was that I no longer had much time to blog. I also spent 18 months in a flat with no computer and internet (shocking I know) both created hurdles to writing again.

So why re-start now? What is new?

I certainly don’t have more time, and the overarching theme is something that still grates (it seems totally self-indulgent to make it all about me – one of the reasons I didn’t take off on twitter until recently – but I suppose if it is my ‘viewpoint’ and not ‘me’ would that be better?). I still won’t write about anything at work, nor will I write about anything private (apart from the cold and anyone who is interested to hear more can email me.) Seems a little Lear-esque to stand on the metaphorical e-cliff and shout my laments into the web storm. I’ll just have to see what happens there.

So what changed?

I good place to start would be to say that I missed it. When you write about PR you start to examine it from all aspects, you have to. This not only makes you question your methods and develop your understanding of how things work, but writing about writers and your peers is completely fascinating. Perhaps it is an ego thing, I like the thought that people listen and I like to answer questions.

So yes, this is my return / starting anew, there will be e-balloons and e-cake at a later point at the proper launch, but I wanted to let you know what the thoughts were behind it.

Either that or the recession means I can’t afford to go out anymore so I might as well stay in and blog… whichever explanation you prefer.


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