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Well as some people know, I have left PR in order to cross over to journalism. Now this is certainly not a decision taken lightly and the reasons I have are simple; I enjoy researching, writing and editing copy. More than anything. So why not do more of that? Other reasons include a fascination with the news and the culture of gathering information.

Now the difficulty that lies ahead of me is what to do for employment now I have decided this. As my background is all PR my options are threefold (as far as I can see):

  • Do a course in journalism

By this I mean either an MA in journalism or a shorter, intensive course. There are many options here and in the current environment returning to school could seem like the sound choice. There are a wealth of courses on the UKPASS website, which is owned and run by UCAS. This site allows me to narrow down my search to a specific location (mine would be London) and also offers advice on funding.

However is this the most sensible option as I do not wish to be taking out more student loans as I still have my graduate debts hanging over me.  Would this be worth it in the long-run? Possibly, but then also what to do before the course starts as most begin in the Autumn?

  • Undertake a series of work placements and build up my contacts until I get some gigs freelancing

 This I have already started to do. I’m currently working with the lovely folk at Know Your Mobile and have been at Silicon.com. I think this is a fantastic way to get some training and crucial experience of how to work with editors and sub-editors, as well as news gathering.

  • Apply for everything going

I’m not a fan of the scattergun approach. Although obviously I forsee a lot of job applications and asking for freelance work.

This also raises various questions about this blog, what happens next?

Once one has decided to ‘switch sides’ as it were there is always (and I mean always) the matter if the, now somewhat redundant PR themed blog. It’s almost cliché.

I think that it is important for people to have somewhere were they can see how I write, and indeed that I can write. And after writing here (on and sometimes very much off) for years it would be foolish of me to abandon this.

So what to do? Do I keep it? But Wages of Spin is so clearly about PR. Do I set up a new one entirely? Perhaps buy www.alexpullin.com before all the others get there. This deserves some more thought, so let me know what you think and I’ll keep you updated on my progress 🙂

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