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Tuesday poll

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Funny websites

So in the interests of *ehem* research I asked the good people of Twitter what their favourite funny websites were. This is one of the great things about Twitter, you can ask questions and discover new things in what might be classed as an ‘organic’ way (like asking lots of people at a party rather than cold calling).

Anyway here are the ones that came back and they’re good. They’re very good.

Terrifying insight into a rural paper in a small village.
From www.twitter.com/Nick_At_Velti

Meet the silver-foxes and their lovely lady friends who rule our corporate world.
From www.twitter.com/mychemtoilet

Charged with ‘maintaining Britain’s standards’
From www.twitter.com/liquidindian

So cutesy it’ll give you toothache (fnarr fnarr)
From www.twitter.com/alexsheppard

‘Music and pop culture for people who love graphs’
From www.twitter.com/robboella

The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture. Yes really. But apparently the Zero Punctuation videos are very very good.
From www.twitter.com/wonky_donkey

UPDATE: But wait there’s more…

Name says it all really…
From www.twitter.com/nkleiner

Literally amazing, who knew that religion could be, well, so flashy.
From www.twitter.com/rupinjapan

A celebration of goths in the sunshine. Pictures are judged of gothiness and sweatiness. Nice.
From www.twitter.com/laura_scott

‘Look at this f*cking hipster’, like looking at the Vice site, without the aspiration.
From www.twitter.com/rich_kirk

Cartoon strip where we all get to witness the greatest love story never told.
From www.twitter.com/rich_kirk

TV commentary site with wicked wit.
From www.twitter.com/rich_kirk

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This morning, in front of everyone, the Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and Tom Watson MP engaged in a bit of pushy-shovey (albeit virtually).

That conversation in full:

arusbridger: Daily Mail obssessed with idea of Guardian “putsch” (in collusion with BBC?). A question of media ethics, apparently. http://tiny.cc/7Wp3M

tom_watson: @arusbridger The Daily Mail are not the only people concerned. Many colleagues think you should report the news not make it.

arusbridger: @tom_watson er, so newspapers should stop writing editorials? Hmmm

tom_watson: @arusbridger Of course not but you have a unique status on the centre left. Why irritate your loyalists without allowing all sides a say?

arusbridger: @tom_watson so you didnt read Freedland or Milne or Bunting or McDonnell or Blunkett – all saying (in the Guardian) Brown should stay?

tom_watson: @arusbridger The only thing you haven’t done is publish his obituary. Be under no illusion that Labour readers think you have gone OTT.

arusbridger: @tom_watson love the thought of “labour readers” – as if they all think the same!

tom_watson: @arusbridger I know all of them in West Bromwich and they agree with me 😉 Love what you’ve done to paper but last week was too much.

arusbridger: @tom_watson Come into Guardian conference and debate it! 🙂

tom_watson: @arusbridger *gulps* Head into lion’s mouth. I gladly accept. Thank you.

After Watson accepted the invitation to the Guardian morning conference, which is a meeting of Guardian editors and journalists to discuss news  for the day, there has been increasing call for a live feed from the meeting. This has not yet been confirmed by the Guardian, but, thinking of the publicity, I can’t see that they won’t at least tweet it.

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