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In the spirit of Hannah Betts’ excellent ‘Things you only know if you’re single’ column in The Times I intend to have a series of posts on things you only know if you work from home.

This will accommodate both the people who always work from home and those who usually work in an office. Obviously there is an important difference. Home workers and office workers view things from different angles but it gives me more to talk about and it’s also more interesting to see both sides.

If you would like to nominate an aspect of working from home or if you don’t work from home and would like to sound off on people who do, either email me or leave a comment below. All good ideas I will write about as well as a few of my own thoughts on a weekly basis. Every Tuesday.

I look forward to hearing your views.


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I was wondering how many Journalists versus PRs there are on Twitter. And thanks to the joys of Google you can see that there are (in London):

  • 211 people with ‘journalist’ in their bio and ‘London’ in their location here
  • 254 people with ‘PR’ in their bio and ‘London’ in their location here

But what about outside London? There are:

  • 2o3 people with ‘journalist’ in their bio and ‘UK’ in their location here
  • 149  people with ‘PR’ in their bio and ‘UK’ in their location here

And globally (any location) there are:

  • 7,140 people with ‘journalist’ in their bio here
  • 13,200  people with ‘PR’ in their bio here

Could we therefore come to the conclusion that in the UK PR people are slower at taking up Twitter? Or perhaps that globally there are just more PR people than journalists? Or maybe that PRs outside of London are quicker on the up-take than journalists?

In fact it proves nothing.

Basically it is very difficult to come up with some snazzy percentages on the overall number of PRs and journalists as the number of new twitterers is quite hard to keep track of, for starters, and also the journalists and PRs that don’t state what they do. Or perhaps the copy-writers, sub-editors and those who don’t use the phrase ‘PR’ and ‘journalist’?  But it is interesting that globally there are nearly double the number of PRs to journalists, but in the UK this drops to a lot less PRs and in London is about equal.

 There are so many things wrong with the research, but it is interesting to see how the different proportions come up from changing the  location. I wonder whether it would ever be possible to actually work out the definitive numbers?

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